CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography

A CBCT is a machine that takes several x-rays as it rotates around your head. A computer then puts these images together into a 3D model. Dr. Peek agrees with the AAE [American Association of Endodontics] that they “should not be used routinely for endodontic diagnosis or for screening purposes”. If for some reason Dr. Peek is unable to make a clear diagnosis with conventional x-rays, he may recommend a 3D image to be taken in his office with the new Carestream 8100 3D. Doing so will help him accurately explain the nature of your dental symptoms.

AAE CBCT position statement


Dr. Peek has a microscope in each of his operatories along with a camera mounted directly to the lens allowing him to take pictures of what he sees inside your tooth. These pictures enable him to communicate clearly with your general dentist and show you, the patient, exactly what is going on with your tooth.

AAE microscope position statement

Modern Equipment

Dr. Peek has the newest A-dec 500 chairs that provide you, that patient, with more comfort than any other dental chair available. Using pressure mapping science, the cushioning uniquely reduces pressure points and provides comfortable support across your entire body. He also has the new LED dental lights that have a high color rendering index letting him see colors more accurately for better tissue diagnosis. The LED light specifically provides 30,000 lux, the highest level of illumination recommended by dental operatory ergonomic specialists.